The meta-understanding AI for sales and marketing.

Adverai is an AI and advanced analytics platform + smart application for the deep and autonomous understanding of every sales and marketing tool, platform, and dataset.

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Adverai unifies your marketing and sales intelligence into a single transformational tool with real-time tracking, measurement, and automation. Adverai Meta gives you the instant answers you need to understand marketing effect and detect fundamental patterns about ads, campaigns, markets, and brands. In real-time and at scale.


Real-time answer engine, intelligent event stream, campaign tracking, prediction, and optimisation advisor for sales and marketing.

Meta transforms massive amounts of advertising data into predictions that help you increase sales, optimise your advertising, and make your marketing strategies more successful.

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AI and Advanced Analytics cloud-first platform for data replication and orchestration, machine learning, optimisation, and inference.

Adverai MetaOS is an end-to-end data and AI technology stack to build a complete understanding of your sales and marketing data and platform ecosystem.

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