MetaOS is an end-to-end data and AI technology stack for the complete understanding of your sales and marketing data and platform ecosystem.

Core Capabilities

Connect the ecosystem

MetaOS replicates data from every marketing platform, dataset, and system. With Adverai's operational data platform you can bring everything together in one place, at scale and at speed.

Enrich and add meaning

Enrich machine generated data and human generated data with one platform. Augment text, video, images, and audio with meaning using Adverai's Neural Engine.

Detect patterns

MetaOS's advanced pattern spotting capabilities enable you to create intelligent time-series for all of your marketing interactions.

Learn, predict, and forecast

MetaOS is your organisational data science team with state of the art prediction, forecasting, and optimisation features.

Connect the entire marketing data ecosystem

Get data from every marketing platform, dataset, and system with Adverai's operational data platform that brings everything together in one place, at scale and at speed.

Replicate Data
MetaOS aggregates and replicates data from all marketing channels, market condition services and datasets, including weather and currency data. MetaOS has 100s of data source connectors.
We unify the fragmented metrics, KPIs, and external indicators from different platforms with different metrics and store them in a uniform way.
Campaigns running on different platforms with different metrics are stored and analysed in a uniform way across all markets.

Different suppliers' wide range of KPI’s are unified.

Enrich text, video, images, and audio with Adverai's Neural Engine

Visual Recognition
Image and Video Enrichment apply the latest advances in Deep Learning to provide an accurate analysis of video and image-based ad content in real time.
Natural Language Understanding
Adverai's Text Enrichment uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to analyse text to discover sentiment, emotions, intentions, topics, and gender bias.
Natural Language Generation
Turn your structured data into written narratives. Make data universally understandable and automate the writing of data-driven narratives for marketing reports.
Data Annotation
Detect anomalies, seasonal trends, and patterns in massive amounts of marketing data and use annotations to add intelligence to your apps and services.

Access programatically with the Adverai API

Embed Adverai's scalable APIs into your product or app and get real-time intelligence.

Ask questions about campaigns, ads, creative attributes, consumer responses, general trends, optimisation advice, and predictions.

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